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Vivaldi frá Teland

Vivaldi fra Teland is a very promising young stallion with amazing good gaits and a super friendly character! ✨🦄
Vivaldi is after the well-known Lykill fra Blessastodum, who has a lot of very successful highly judged offspring (for example Spoliant vom lipperthof)! His mother is Sonnetta fra Lynghaga, a mare judged with 8.48 for ridden abilities and great results in F1.

He is very relaxed and calm, absolutely 100% safe in traffic. Almost everybody can ride him! I've had a beginner ride him on a trailrides where also mares were in the group without any problems. He is very calm, gives exactly as much power as you ask for. If you want to go fast? You’ll go fast. If you want to go slow and relaxed? You will have a chill ride with him.
He is light on the reins and knows all the basic dressage exercises (shoulder-in, half pass, etc).
Vivaldi has five great gaits, that are all very easy to access. He has good, roomy movements and can go very fast; if you ask for it!
Vivaldi has great self-carriage and is easily ‘uphill’ and because of his big movements combined with this, he looks and feels very impressive under saddle.
His tölt is clearbeated with high and wide movements, it is very easy to ride.
His trot is bouncy and with a good beat, he does show even more "airtime" when he is running loose in the field but I expect him to develop his trot even better when he gains more muscles.
The walk has long steps and his canter is well jumped and has a very broad speed range.
He has a very good pace with long steps and good speed!

We have one offspring after Vivaldi from 2020. It is a beautiful well build stallion foal with five very promising gaits and a lot of natural tölt. I do think Vivaldi could also be very interesting as a breeding stallion.

He could be a perfect horse for FIZO, competition or breeding. A rider who would like to further develop their own (sports) top horse while having the best time when riding through the forest with a happy horse and some friends, would be very happy with Vivaldi!

I have videos of him and also of his offspring available.

Levensnummer: DK2015100048
Geboortedatum: 11 mei 2015
Vader: Lykill fra Blesastöðum 1A - IS1998187942
Moeder: Sonnetta frá Lynghaga - IS2000284974
Locatie van het paard: Veenoord, Drenthe
Prijs: €16.000

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Telefoon: 0639080985

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